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“[MPC] is the perfect strategy for empowering young Americans who face an unprecedented era of runaway bureaucracy, government control, and diminishing freedom. MPC is a brilliant way to connect active, engaged, freedom-loving Millennials in the holy cause of liberty. I’m enthusiastic and proud to be associated with this exciting organization and its refreshing, distinctly American outlook.” - Former Congressman Bob Schaffer

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In the spirit of the passion that arose during the Revolutionary War, the Millennial Policy Center offers solutions to the day's policy challenges rooted in the Constitution.

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As a program of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Liberty Day Institute, all contributions to the Millennial Policy Center are tax-deductible. Founded in 1996, the Institute is dedicated to enhancing and strengthening civil society by involving the younger generations in civic education and engagement. Your donation to the Center will go a long way toward helping to advance the role and impact of the Institute’s Millennial Policy program on the national stage. All MPC memberships and individual contributions made on this website will be directed exclusively for the benefit of the MPC effort.