“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”
- U.S. President Ronald Reagan



The Millennial Generation (the generation born from 1981 to 1998) is innovative and creative, and we are naturally attuned to freedom. Just think about the unprecedented amount of choices and opportunities that we have before us. I’m talking about Uber and Lyft, and Apps and plentiful smartphone options. Innovations like these only come through individual initiative and achievement, which stems directly from being free to choose, free to create, and free to sell.

Unfortunately, many Millennials have been led astray by promises of free stuff in a land of milk and honey. This is why we exist: the Millennial Policy Center is here to fundamentally reframe the policy debate among Millennials - to promote solutions that harness freedom, choice, and the unlimited potential of each and every individual.

Our mission is to spark creativity and ingenuity in solving the policy problems of the day. We are reimagining the idea of the think tank as not simply an idea-factory to influence policymakers, but a persuasive force for practical, principled solutions to our nation’s problems. We will reach Millennials where they are, and help shape the debate among all generations in the process.


A program of the nonpartisan Liberty Day Institute, the Millennial Policy Center is a research and educational center (a think tank) whose mission is to address public policy issues that affect the Millennial Generation (born 1981-1998) and to develop and promote policy solutions that advance freedom, opportunity, and economic vitality for Millennials throughout the United States.

The Millennial Policy Center conducts research, proposes solutions to public policy problems and issues, and engages in communications to promote our research and solutions.

In collaboration with our policy advisors and policy fellows, the Center generates and shares knowledge and fosters public debate and understanding through various mediums.

Our vision is an America which realizes the full potential of Millennials – economic progress and achievement, individual liberty, and full participation in American society – to generate a new era of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.