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Burdened by student loans, a difficult job market, and regulations hampering the formation of small businesses that offer innovative products and services, Millennials today face incredible economic challenges. We work to research policy problems and propose solutions that will help advance economic progress, foster entrepreneurship, lead to better social welfare, and promote prosperity across the board.

Policy Analysis A Different Approach to Trade w/ China

International trade has become one of President Donald Trump’s favorite policy areas this year, with the president determined to fulfill his promise to reduce the trade deficit and to negotiate better trade deals for the American people. Unfortunately, the president’s approach to trade resolutions involves unilateral actions and the use of tariffs as the sole tool to fulfill his trade agenda – including on China. As the Trump Administration flirts with a trade war with China, Jacob Dubbert and President Jimmy Sengenberger dissect the trade tariffs proposal, its consequences, and alternatives.

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Policy Paper Preserving and Modernizing NAFTA

Free trade is a cornerstone of economic opportunity for all people, Millennials or otherwise, promoting tremendous prosperity all around. After more than 24 years, the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is uncertain. As the Trump Administration negotiates changes with our trading partners Canada and Mexico, what is the U.S. advocating for, and what policies should the U.S. advance? In a new paper for the Millennial Policy Center, Research Assistant Jacob Dubbert and President Jimmy Sengenberger break it all down.

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Policy Paper Reclaiming America’s Financial System

Millennials are highly entrepreneurial - and that means many are young business owners and upstart company founders who rely tremendously on small community banks. Unfortunately, the Dodd-Frank law that went into effect in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis has squeezed out community banks and adversely affected Millennials dramatically. In a new policy paper, Economic Opportunity Fellow Robert Hasler and President Jimmy Sengenberger explain how the financial crisis came about, what Dodd-Frank is and why it is so harmful, and how to repair the damage.

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